1. Technology for Quality:


We have a dedicated 100Mb, fiber optics internet connection with a radio-link backup. Continuity of service is assured by a 440KW power plant with automatic switching, with servers and workstations UPS units for redundancy. Our centers are controlled by both the Elastix and the Approach Unified Communications Server software packages, providing live monitoring of calls, robust predictive dialing services and customizable service metrics tracking.


2. Data security:


Our technology platform has protocols in place to ensure effective use of firewalls and routers in all our centers. All traffic to and from networks and/or unsafe domains is restricted, and there is no direct connection between the components of our network that contain data to the internet. There are also internal processes that have been implemented to provide additional levels of protection. For example, just to name one, access to workstations is controlled and filtered through "permission levels", in order to ensure that only authorized individuals can access information of a sensitive nature.


3. Agent's Performance Quality Control:


Besides tracking and measuring call center metrics and key performance indicators to evaluate both agent and contact center performance, we use live and constant quality performance checks for each agent on the job. Live call monitoring is one of them and our proprietary "Performance Flag System" is another. Both are designed to enhance performance and assure client satisfaction by achieving the campaigns goals in the most cost effective way. All complemented with constant supervision and on the job training.


4. Why work with us?


As part of the Western world, our culture and values are not so different from that of the major developed countries. That allows us to better interact with those customers and gain a better understanding of their needs. Due of our proximity to the United States, we have bilingual agents, mostly college graduates, with an excellent command and pronunciation of the English language.


Another reason to outsource your business processes with us is, undoubtedly, the significant savings that your company can achieve in its operational costs. This is due to the huge difference between wages and salaries in Venezuela and those of the rest of the world, including India and the Philippines.


Last but not least, it is our flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers (What-you-need-is-what-you-get), and our commitment to achieve total satisfaction in all our campaigns. Quality assurance is our goal, and for that we are modeling our organizational structure under the premises of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the COPC-GMD standard, the PCI standards and the Six Sigma methodology.


5. Upper management’s commitment to a quality service:


Our philosophy is that of a total client satisfaction. To that end our upper management is involved in the daily operations of our centers. That gives us the necessary tools to understand your business and tailor solutions to fit your specific needs. We appoint a business consultant especially to your case, with enough authority to make the necessary decisions in order to take your campaign to safe harbor.